Thunderbox Compost Toilets

Thunderbox Compost Toilets are the most sustainable and simplest way of providing a remote or off-grid toilet without costing the Earth.
Safe to use and virtually maintenance free.
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Welcome to Thunderbox Compost Toilets

Here at the Thunderbox Collective we make a variety of lovely Thunderbox Compost Toilets to order, and can deliver to anywhere in the UK. Or you can hire them for short term local events within our area. Thunderboxes are probably the most sustainable compost toilets available and use a safe and virtually maintenance free system that is ideal for a wide variety of situations.


We have always had a strong environmental ethos and view sustainability as a priority. We use organically certificated timber, sourced from sustainably managed Devon woodlands and collect compost in recycled food containers.

Event Hire

From small events and festivals to weddings and other gatherings, Thunderbox Compost Toilets provide a carbon-friendly solution that is pleasant to use. Short term provision in Devon and Somerset only - sorry.

No Water or Electric

Thunderbox Compost Toilets are entirely off-grid, requiring no water or electricity. We can include solar lighting, and provide hand sanitiser dispensers for waterless locations.

Environment Agency Approved

We have been working with the Environment Agency to recognise that Thunderbox Compost Toilets use a safe composting system so no licence is required.

The Thunderbox Collective have provided an excellent service to us over
a number of years. We have been extremely happy with the efficiency
with which they have set up and taken down the units supplied and we
were considered the price they charge very reasonable. We have no
hesitation in recommending them.

Roland WilkinsonSchool of Movement Medicine

We now have 3 thunderboxes, a single, a double and a disabled one. The installations were efficient and the toilets themselves have made a real difference to our facilities. The wooden structures fit well into our woodland environment, they are low impact, low maintenance and perfect for our needs.

Jo WinterburnRunning Deer

We are very pleased with our Thunderbox and look forward to using it during Forest School sessions.
Thank you.

Jan WhellerWellington prep school

You will be pleased to learn I enjoyed using the Thunderboxes at Balter festival. A great design.

Anton GijsenHappy punter

Of the many designs of composting toilets implemented by National Trust, the Thunderbox has been reviewed by an independent consultant as one of the best.

Chris WeedonConsultant

Pleasant to use, requires no water or electricity, and most importantly, makes great compost!

How does it work?

Creator of quality timber products with a strong environmental ethos

We all have an obligation to the planet that sustains us not to use more resources than we really need in order to survive. Thunderboxes are the perfect solution for those who take their carbon footprint seriously.

For Event Organisers

Hiring a Thunderbox compost toilet

Generally, the hire of a double Thunderbox Compost Toilet works out around £395 without servicing, but includes delivery (within 30 miles), installation and everything needed to make using a Thunderbox a pleasant experience. We will take all the waste away but take 'poo miles' seriously, so we don't travel more than 60 miles from our base in mid Devon for event hire. All our loos come with lighting, sawdust, loo roll, magazines, flowers and LOVE!

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Legal Recognition At Last!

Environment Agency Approved

We've been building Thunderbox Compost Toilets since 2003 and so we have considerable experience in all scales of events and sites. We have also been working with the Environment Agency over the last few years to develop the new code on composting human waste, based on the Thunderbox method. We hold risk assessments and safety records as well as special excemption licences for some of our clients. It is important to talk to us early in proceedings to allow time for the paper trail to catch up with our bacteria!

Thunderbox Options

With low usage and up to 1000 litres capacity under your seat there’s no fear of ever getting full! Just swap the tanks over if you do.
We can deliver anywhere in the UK.

Basic Model


Single Thunderbox

Great value! Basic Thunderbox with one cubicle.

From £2150

Original design


Double Thunderbox

Two cubicles back to back for extra user facility or male/female cubicles.

From £2450

Larger cubicle


Family Thunderbox

With one larger cubicle there’s lots more room inside.

From £2250

Good Value


Disabled Access

Ramp, handrails and easy access sliding door! Comes as a double with larger than normal cubicles and a male urinal.

From £4400

Find a Thunderbox!

We have provided Thunderbox Compost Toilets to hundreds of sites around the UK. From urban allotments to remote Scottish camp sites, it’s even possible to install  a Thunderbox without vehicle access! This map shows some of the locations of our Thunderboxes.



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